Arborvitae, Phonak & Casio


I had severe arthritis in my hands, fingers and wrist for years … it was getting worse by the month … then a mate who also had bad arthritis suggested I try a product called ARBORVITAE. I had never heard of it. I then heard Chris Smith talking about it on his radio program on 2GB in Sydney.
I tried it … after a couple of weeks I couldn’t believe what happened … I WAS PAIN FREE.
This Australian developed product has SAVED my ability to play the piano.
If it wasn’t for ARBORVITAE (PLUS IT’S MANY OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS), I simply wouldn’t be capable of playing the piano. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

If you have an arthritis problem, please do yourself a favor and try this AMAZING PRODUCT. PLEASE click on the following link to see many other health benefits.




If it wasn’t for my PHONAK HEARING AIDS … there would be NO WAY I could produce the music I do in my studio or on stage.
As a performer, your most IMPORTANT ATTRIBUTES ARE YOUR EARS … if you can’t hear, you can’t produce or perform.
I owe PHONAK my career.

There are SO MANY hearing Aids on the market … however after much research and looking at testimonials and reviews from all over the world, I came to the opinion that PHONAK (made in Switzerland) was the ABSOLUTE BEST on the market.

I STILL believe this after using them for many years now.

The MANY-MANY people who I have recommended PHONAK hearing aids to, NOT ONE person has had a problem and cannot speak more highly of their results … and acknowledge that their quality of life has been greatly enhanced.



In association with PHONAK, Connect Hearing have been so professional with maintaining my standard of hearing.



On stage, I use CASIO PIANO’S. They are lightweight, cost effective … and the build quality and sound is fabulous.
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