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JADE HURLEY O.A.M. is the undisputed “KING” of COUNTRY and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL music in Australasia.

It was the legendary Johnny Cash who stated quite openly that Jade was the best act he had ever worked with and was quoted in the Irish Press as saying ... "If I wasn't who I am, I would find it very hard to follow him on any stage anywhere in the world ... he's one hell of a showman and entertainer this Aussie ... and he can sure play that damn piano".

EVERY album this unique “piano pumping/country rocker” has recorded has achieved GOLD, PLATINUM, or DOUBLE PLATINUM status. Likewise his two great VIDEO’S have also received “GOLD” and "PLATINUM" awards ... and his AUTOBIOGRAPHY (JADE - THE JADE HURLEY STORY) sold over 32,000 copies.

In his show, there is something for everyone ... no matter what age as this “country-rock and show-biz experience” includes classics like "ROCKIN' ALL OVER THE WORLD" and “OLD TIME ROCK & ROLL” … Johnny Preston’s “RUNNING BEAR” … Buddy Holly’s “OH BOY” and “PEGGY SUE” … Little Richard’s “LUCILLE” … Jerry Lee Lewis’s “GREAT BALL OF FIRE” … Del Shannon’s “RUNNAWAY” … Chuck Berry’s “SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN” … and the Eddie Hodges novelty hit “I’M GONNA KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR” among dozens of others.

In between, he slows the show down with Roy Orbison’s “CRYING” and “LEAH”, Jim Reeves number 1 “HE’LL HAVE TO GO”... his own number 1 hit "DOWN IN THE RIVERINA" ... and latest show stopper and song off his latest CD "YOU RAISE ME UP".

As well as being a headline act in his own right, Jade Hurley has toured with some of the all time greats including America's JOHNNY and JUNE CARTER CASH, JOHNNY RAY, WOODY HERMAN and DON WILLIAMS, as well as the late JOHNNY O'KEEFE throughout Ireland, America, New Zealand and Australia.

In America Jade was billed as a cross between Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Liberace. Jerry Lee, because of his energetic piano antics like jumping all over his piano and kicking the keys with his feet (like Jerry Lee used to do but this Aussie rocker still does) ... Little Richard because just like Richard, Jade Hurley always makes a great and controversial headline ... and Liberace, because of his flamboyant and glittery sequin stage outfits combined with $250,000 worth of diamond, sapphire, and ruby jewellery … and the energy with every show many critics describe as “breathtaking” and wonder how he does it performing so many shows.

One respected American journalist wrote ... QUOTE “Every time you see this Aussie Jade Hurley rocking away and jumping all over his piano, you get the same high class performance ... I just don’t know how he does it or where he gets the energy from” ... end quote.

It has long been acknowledged by many that this “Aussie King of Country Rock” is the "ULTIMATE SHOWMAN", and it has also been stated by some of the greatest critics in the world of show biz that JADE HURLEY is quote ... “The hardest act for anyone to follow on stage”.

He was awarded the highly prestigious ORDER OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL (OAM) for his contribution and hard work within the entertainment industry encouraging and nurturing young talent, and for his tireless performances and appearances over many years in aid of charitable organisations including The Arthritis Foundation ... The Heart Foundation . . . Camp Quality (kids with cancer) ... The Australian Cancer Foundation for Medical Research.





Friendship Club and Media CHRISTMAS NEWSLETTER … Posted December 2016

Hi Again Folks

Well … almost that time of the year again … and to most folk, Christmas is a great time of the year … however to some, it is a time of reflecting on memories from the past ……some of which were with family members and friends who are not with us any more … so, this can be a sad & lonely time as well.

One of my greatest but saddest memories regarding Christmas was when I was very young … I suppose about 9 or 10 years of age and my dad somehow acquired an old bike. Over a few weeks he repainted it in RED and WHITE, (the colours of my favourite footy team, St George) at a neighbours place … on Christmas morning … there it was. Well, it was the HEAVIEST, HARDEST BIKE TO RIDE that anyone could ever imagine … but to me, it was BEAUTIFUL. I HAD MY OWN BIKE (which at that time, was only a dream as Mum and Dad couldn’t afford to buy a NEW one). I have a real regret … and that is, I can’t recall what ever became of the bike…… it was too heavy to ride … did I just not ride it as much as I should have? However, long after Mum’s death from breast cancer, when I was only 14, and Dad married a childhood girlfriend, everything concerning our previous life was disposed of in the most devious way by my step mother …….a lot of our precious belongings simply disappeared. It is these memories that put a nasty taste into what should be a joyous occasion. Sad eh?

Since my last newsletter, we have been all over the place performing at some venues I haven’t been to for many years. Club Taree, Laurieton United Services Club near Port Macquarie, Young Services Club, the Eastbank Centre – Riverlinks at Shepparton in Victoria, then the Wagga Wagga Theatre, then all the way up to Gympie in Queensland for two performances at the Gympie Muster which is held way out in the middle of the Amamoor Forrest. It was at one of these shows that a lady threw a pair of NICKERS up onto the stage … GOD … I NEARLY DIED … it’s been YEARS since anyone has thrown nickers at me. NO … THEY WEREN’T AN OLD PAIR OF “GORGOUS GUSSIES” … THEY WERE BEAUTIFUL NICKERS. EAT YOUR HEART OUT TOM JONES. Then came Ballina and Sawtell R.S.L Clubs before coming back down the NSW coast to Ettalong Diggers … THEN … all the way down to Victoria to the beautiful Forge Theatre at Bairnsdale … then up to the WONDERFUL Albury Commercial Club … then onto Penrith Panthers for a re-visit and full house. This was followed by a long drive in the motor home to Noosa Tewantin R.S.L and Twin Towns Services Club … THEN … all the way back down south to Bomaderry Bowling Club. We finish the year off with shows at St Catherine’s Hostel at Wangaratta and the Sphinx Hotel in Geelong in Victoria … before travelling back to the Riverina to Finley Returned Services Club. We see the NEW YEAR in at Blacktown Workers Club with a huge show on NEW YEARS EVE.

Gee … it has been a fantastic year for our shows … as in most cases, we have had capacity houses … and in a lot of cases, folk have travelled many – many kilometres to get to the shows, which is just wonderful.
My “I DON’T LOOK GOOD NAKED ANYMORE” video on YouTube has over 103,000 views. Just imagine that … 103,000 people have clicked on it and watched it. If anyone had ever suggested that this would happen, I would have thought them crazy. Once again … many thanks to my mates Rob Deal and Rufus Barr for all the efforts put in to producing the video. As to ME … well, before shooting the video, I beefed up over a couple of months at BLOODY McDONALDS … eating disgusting BIG MAC’S and CHIPS … YES … CHIPS … NOT BLOODY FRIES. It all worked … as I put on about 10 kilo’s … but NOW … I CAN’T GET THE BLOODY WEIGHT OFF … NO MATTER HOW HARD I TRY … WELL, THAT’S MY STORY ANYWAY.

At this time, we are editing the new DVD. This is all about our trip to Nashville, New Orleans, Mexico and Memphis … but concentrating on MEMPHIS. I took a film crew into SUN STUDIO (the birthplace of Rock ‘n’ Roll) and this is what we are working with no … putting it all together. This has also had me recording new versions of a lot of songs originally recorded by ELVIS, JOHNNY CASH, JERRY LEE LEWIS, ROY ORBISON, JOHNNY RAY and CARL PERKINS etc … because when we chat on the video about Elvis, it will be ME singing an Elvis song. Likewise with Johnny Cash and Jerry Lee etc. OH … and we have a lot of pics and video’s included at Graceland’s, including Elvis’s resting place as well. I am so looking forward to finishing this new DVD.

I lost another great mate the other day. RAY COLUMBUS died after a long illness at home in Auckland New Zealand. We had been great mates for so long. He was so talented … and like so many who have passed on this past year … he will be missed.

Well folks … that about it for me for 2016. I do hope you have a great Christmas … and I wish everyone … EVERYTHING you wish for yourselves at this time … and in 2017.

May it be a good, safe and healthy year ahead … for all of us.

Love … JADE




A box containing 25 copies of Jade's Autobiography has just been discovered by the original distributers. It was discovered when the factory was given an extensive "clean-up".

Anyone wishing to purchase a copy can obtain one by sending a cheque for $45.90 (which includes package and postage) to ...



P.O.Box 273

MORTDALE ...N.S.W....2223






Clint Eastwood perhaps the full package (Actor, Movie Producer, Movie Director, Musician)

Australia's Cate Blanchett is all class


All current affairs programs


Very easy ... Bert Newton and Paul Hogan


Talk-back radio stations

Community radio stations


Most talk back personalities ...too many to choose from


My dear friend ... the late Johnny Cash

The "singers" singer ... George Jones

Vince Gill

Ray Charles


My dear friend ... the late Tammy Wynette

Celine Dion


My dear friend ... and the greatest showman/entertainer of all time ... the late LIBERACE

My great mate and friend ... Australia's King of Rock 'n' Roll (FOREVER) ... the late Johnny O'Keefe.

Elvis Presley

Jack Scott


Thai and chinese (almost anything asian)

A great baked leg of lamb with baked vegies

Pea and ham soup

Lamb shanks

A good steak


Chocolate thick shake (1 every 10 years now)

Galway Pipe port

Green ginger wine and brandy (Jade's Elixer)


Green (of course)


Recording in my own studio


Computers and recording


I like all sports


Dawn Fraser

Betty Cuthbert

Aussie "Tour De France" superstar ... Cadel Evans


Essendon BOMBERS


Brisbane BRONCOS


Splitting my pants on stage at Revesby Workers Club

Falling TWO STORIES off the Roof of my home at my farm (and BREAKING MY WRIST) trying to retrieve Twinkie (my Budgie)

Almost swallowing an EXTREMELY LARGE cockroach that crawled into my drink during a show at Lismore RSL Club ... (IT'S IN THE BOOK)


Being "discovered" by Australia's King of Rock 'n' Roll ... the late Johnny O'Keefe

Being presented with my first GOLD and PLATINUM RECORD by MIKE WALSH

Being awarded the “ORDER OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL” (OAM) 



Good Loyal friends


Travelling overseas

Every member of my Friendship Club


Graffiti ... and the bloody imbeciles who do it

Lying, deceitful and "tricky" politicians.

People who don't return phone calls


Drugs ... anyone caught dealing ... put them in JAIL ... FOR LIFE ... drugs are KILLING OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY

Violence in society


Car Hoons


To stay healthy

To keep entertaining as long as I can

To get to France for the "TOUR DE FRANCE" bike race .. to cheer on the Aussies

To up-date my autobiography (when I can get the time)


Jade Hurley Is Indeed