JADE HURLEY O.A.M. is the undisputed “KING” of COUNTRY and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL music in Australasia.

It was the legendary Johnny Cash who stated quite openly that Jade was the best act he had ever worked with and was quoted in the Irish Press as saying … “If I wasn’t who I am, I would find it very hard to follow him on any stage anywhere in the world … he’s one hell of a showman and entertainer this Aussie … and he can sure play that damn piano”.

EVERY album this unique “piano pumping/country rocker” has recorded has achieved GOLD, PLATINUM, or DOUBLE PLATINUM status. Likewise his two great VIDEO’S have also received “GOLD” and “PLATINUM” awards … and his AUTOBIOGRAPHY (JADE – THE JADE HURLEY STORY) sold over 32,000 copies.

In his show, there is something for everyone … no matter what age as this “country-rock and show-biz experience” includes classics like “ROCKIN’ ALL OVER THE WORLD” and “OLD TIME ROCK & ROLL” … Johnny Preston’s “RUNNING BEAR” … Buddy Holly’s “OH BOY” and “PEGGY SUE” … Little Richard’s “LUCILLE” … Jerry Lee Lewis’s “GREAT BALL OF FIRE” … Del Shannon’s “RUNNAWAY” … Chuck Berry’s “SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN” … and the Eddie Hodges novelty hit “I’M GONNA KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR” among dozens of others.

In between, he slows the show down with Roy Orbison’s “CRYING” and “LEAH”, Jim Reeves number 1 “HE’LL HAVE TO GO”… his own number 1 hit “DOWN IN THE RIVERINA” … and latest show stopper and song off his latest CD “YOU RAISE ME UP”.

As well as being a headline act in his own right, Jade Hurley has toured with some of the all time greats including America’s JOHNNY and JUNE CARTER CASH, JOHNNY RAY, WOODY HERMAN and DON WILLIAMS, as well as the late JOHNNY O’KEEFE throughout Ireland, America, New Zealand and Australia.

In America Jade was billed as a cross between Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Liberace. Jerry Lee, because of his energetic piano antics like jumping all over his piano and kicking the keys with his feet (like Jerry Lee used to do but this Aussie rocker still does) … Little Richard because just like Richard, Jade Hurley always makes a great and controversial headline … and Liberace, because of his flamboyant and glittery sequin stage outfits combined with $250,000 worth of diamond, sapphire, and ruby jewellery … and the energy with every show many critics describe as “breathtaking” and wonder how he does it performing so many shows.

One respected American journalist wrote … QUOTE “Every time you see this Aussie Jade Hurley rocking away and jumping all over his piano, you get the same high class performance … I just don’t know how he does it or where he gets the energy from” … end quote.

It has long been acknowledged by many that this “Aussie King of Country Rock” is the “ULTIMATE SHOWMAN”, and it has also been stated by some of the greatest critics in the world of show biz that JADE HURLEY is quote … “The hardest act for anyone to follow on stage”.

He was awarded the HIGHLY prestigious ORDER OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL (OAM) for his contribution and hard work within the entertainment industry encouraging and nurturing young talent, and for his tireless performances and appearances over many years in aid of charitable organisations including The Arthritis Foundation … The National Heart Foundation of Australia … Camp Quality (kids with cancer) … The Australian Cancer Foundation for Medical Research … and numerous others.




Hi folks

Welllll…this first quarter of 2019 is the absolute quietest (show wise) I have ever known … and I know that many other acts have experienced the same thing.

Why this is so, a lot of entertainers can’t really figure out … it’s just that there weren’t as many venues around Australia booking acts as they have in the past for some reason?

But we look to the future … which is looking good as the show bookings for the rest of the year are looking really great with us travelling to a lot of areas of our country.

In the meantime, I have been recording a few new songs looking toward the release of a new CD … but this won’t be until later in the year at this stage.

I was excited to receive an invite to attend and present four awards on Tuesday 7th May at the ACE AWARDS … which is the AUSTRALIAN CLUB ENTERTAINMENT AWARDS. It was held at the wonderful Bankstown Sports Club in Sydney. The categories and nominees were as follows…

Country Performer: Beccy Cole, Gina Jeffreys,  Melinda Schneider, The McClymonts, Troy Cassar-Daley and Wayne Horsburgh.

The winner was The McClymonts.

Show Compere: Bobby Bradford, Chris Castle , Elizabeth Star, Mark Lord, Terry Mac and Tony Hogan.

The winner was Tony Hogan

Technical Support: Bankstown Sports, Canterbury Leagues, Club Burwood, Hornsby RSL, The Juniors and
Workers Blacktown.

The winner was Hornsby RSL.

Children’s Show: Emma & Lachy, Franky Valentyn, Lah-Lah, Playschool, The Party Bears and The Wiggles.

The winner was The Wiggles.

Christine and I headed off in the motorhome on tour down to South Australia. We had shows booked at at Mount Gambia at the Sir Robert Helpmann Theatre, Noarlunga at the Hopgood Theatre which is in Adelaide, Port Pirie at the Northern Festival Centre and Goolwa at the Centenary Hall.

We travelled to Warrnambool in Victoria to spend a couple of days with a great mate who has Parkinson’s disease. He has been really terrible with his whole body shaking and he gets dreadful pain all over his body and even in his bones, and he can’t get a good nights sleep … it is so terrible. A specialist in Melbourne has had him on 32 tablets A DAY. Some tablets to stop the shakes, some to stop the pain and others to hopefully get a good night’s sleep. A DREADFUL SIDE EFFECT of taking all of these tablets is that his teeth have started to fall out. So I organised to get him some MEDICAL MAJUARANA. His specialist wouldn’t allow him to fake it … and for months he put up with taking the prescribed pills until one of his front teeth fell out and in desperation, he decided to take the MEDICAL MAJUARANA. He takes 2 drops under his tongue to stop the pain and get to sleep, and a spray in the mouth to stop the shakes…AN IT WORKS. For the first time in years, he is coping … getting a good night’s sleep, and he is now relatively pain free. But governments a all too slow to have this WONDERFUL DRUG available.

The spray and drops don’t make you “HIGH” or anything like that…however, if you take it to get relief from the disease you have and you get pulled up and tested for driving with drugs, you will get prosecuted. HOW BLOODY RIDICULOUS IS THIS?

We did the first show at the SIR ROBERT HELPMANN THEATRE in Mount Gambia which was great…and an old mate, Len O’Connor, who was the bass player in Johnny O’Keefe’s band turned up with his family which included his son who is a great drummer. That’s great keeping music in the family. Len played Bass on my original version of the Johnny O’Keeffe produced track I wrote, “DOWN IN THE RIVERINA”. Then we had a four hour drive to Noarlunga for the show at the Hopgood Theatre which was fabulous. The next day a three hour drive up to Port Pirie at the Northern Festival Centre which was great, then a huge drive down to Goolwa at the Centenary Hall for the final show the next day. This show was fabulous as well. Then a 1400klm drive all the way back to Sydney. THE TOUR WAS FABULOUS.

You can see photo’s taken at the shows on my Facebook site …

Well that’s about all for now. Take care and stay well and safe.

Your friend





Clint Eastwood perhaps the full package (Actor, Movie Producer, Movie Director, Musician)

Australia’s Cate Blanchett is all class


All current affairs programs


Very easy … Bert Newton and Paul Hogan


Talk-back radio stations

Community radio stations


Most talk back personalities …too many to choose from


My dear friend … the late Johnny Cash

The “singers” singer … George Jones

Vince Gill

Ray Charles


My dear friend … the late Tammy Wynette

Celine Dion


My dear friend … and the greatest showman/entertainer of all time … the late LIBERACE

My great mate and friend … Australia’s King of Rock ‘n’ Roll (FOREVER) … the late Johnny O’Keefe.

Elvis Presley

Jack Scott


Thai and chinese (almost anything asian)

A great baked leg of lamb with baked vegies

Pea and ham soup

Lamb shanks

A good steak


Chocolate thick shake (1 every 10 years now)

Galway Pipe port

Green ginger wine and brandy (Jade’s Elixer)


Green (of course)


Recording in my own studio


Computers and recording


I like all sports


Dawn Fraser

Betty Cuthbert

Aussie “Tour De France” superstar … Cadel Evans


Essendon BOMBERS


Brisbane BRONCOS


Splitting my pants on stage at Revesby Workers Club

Falling TWO STORIES off the Roof of my home at my farm (and BREAKING MY WRIST) trying to retrieve Twinkie (my Budgie)

Almost swallowing an EXTREMELY LARGE cockroach that crawled into my drink during a show at Lismore RSL Club … (IT’S IN THE BOOK)


Being “discovered” by Australia’s King of Rock ‘n’ Roll … the late Johnny O’Keefe

Being presented with my first GOLD and PLATINUM RECORD by MIKE WALSH

Being awarded the “ORDER OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL” (OAM)



Good Loyal friends


Travelling overseas

Every member of my Friendship Club


Graffiti … and the bloody imbeciles who do it

Lying, deceitful and “tricky” politicians.

People who don’t return phone calls


Drugs … anyone caught dealing … put them in JAIL … FOR LIFE … drugs are KILLING OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY

Violence in society


Car Hoons


To stay healthy

To keep entertaining as long as I can

To get to France for the “TOUR DE FRANCE” bike race .. to cheer on the Aussies

To up-date my autobiography (when I can get the time)

Jade Hurley Is Indeed


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