JADE HURLEY O.A.M. is the undisputed “KING” of COUNTRY and ROCK ‘N’ ROLL music in Australasia.

It was the legendary Johnny Cash who stated quite openly that Jade was the best act he had ever worked with and was quoted in the Irish Press as saying … “If I wasn’t who I am, I would find it very hard to follow him on any stage anywhere in the world … he’s one hell of a showman and entertainer this Aussie … and he can sure play that damn piano”.

EVERY album this unique “piano pumping/country rocker” has recorded has achieved GOLD, PLATINUM, or DOUBLE PLATINUM status. Likewise his two great VIDEO’S have also received “GOLD” and “PLATINUM” awards … and his AUTOBIOGRAPHY (JADE – THE JADE HURLEY STORY) sold over 32,000 copies.

In his show, there is something for everyone … no matter what age as this “country-rock and show-biz experience” includes classics like “ROCKIN’ ALL OVER THE WORLD” and “OLD TIME ROCK & ROLL” … Johnny Preston’s “RUNNING BEAR” … Buddy Holly’s “OH BOY” and “PEGGY SUE” … Little Richard’s “LUCILLE” … Jerry Lee Lewis’s “GREAT BALL OF FIRE” … Del Shannon’s “RUNNAWAY” … Chuck Berry’s “SWEET LITTLE SIXTEEN” … and the Eddie Hodges novelty hit “I’M GONNA KNOCK ON YOUR DOOR” among dozens of others.

In between, he slows the show down with Roy Orbison’s “CRYING” and “LEAH”, Jim Reeves number 1 “HE’LL HAVE TO GO”… his own number 1 hit “DOWN IN THE RIVERINA” … and latest show stopper and song off his latest CD “YOU RAISE ME UP”.

As well as being a headline act in his own right, Jade Hurley has toured with some of the all time greats including America’s JOHNNY and JUNE CARTER CASH, JOHNNY RAY, WOODY HERMAN and DON WILLIAMS, as well as the late JOHNNY O’KEEFE throughout Ireland, America, New Zealand and Australia.

In America Jade was billed as a cross between Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, and Liberace. Jerry Lee, because of his energetic piano antics like jumping all over his piano and kicking the keys with his feet (like Jerry Lee used to do but this Aussie rocker still does) … Little Richard because just like Richard, Jade Hurley always makes a great and controversial headline … and Liberace, because of his flamboyant and glittery sequin stage outfits combined with $250,000 worth of diamond, sapphire, and ruby jewellery … and the energy with every show many critics describe as “breathtaking” and wonder how he does it performing so many shows.

One respected American journalist wrote … QUOTE “Every time you see this Aussie Jade Hurley rocking away and jumping all over his piano, you get the same high class performance … I just don’t know how he does it or where he gets the energy from” … end quote.

It has long been acknowledged by many that this “Aussie King of Country Rock” is the “ULTIMATE SHOWMAN”, and it has also been stated by some of the greatest critics in the world of show biz that JADE HURLEY is quote … “The hardest act for anyone to follow on stage”.

He was awarded the HIGHLY prestigious ORDER OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL (OAM) for his contribution and hard work within the entertainment industry encouraging and nurturing young talent, and for his tireless performances and appearances over many years in aid of charitable organisations including The Arthritis Foundation … The National Heart Foundation of Australia … Camp Quality (kids with cancer) … The Australian Cancer Foundation for Medical Research … and numerous others.


Jade’s 2023 June Newsletter

Hi Folks

Well, I finally got to my birthday … the 17th June, 2023 … my 80th year on the planet … and we are doing a show at Batemans Bay in the Yuin Theatre at Bay Pavilions and I am so looking forward to it. Ironically, I am coming back in a few weeks to do a show in the same theatre with the “GOOD OLD DAYS OF ROCK AND ROLL” with my mates Little Pattie, Dinah Lee, Digger Revell and Lucky Starr.

Speaking of that FABULOUS SHOW, we performed it at QPAC, THE PERFORMING ARTS CENTRE in Brisbane a couple of week ago to a packed house of 1500 people and all of us being almost geriatric PERFORMERS … HAHAHAHahahah … are so proud of being able to fill the wonderful theatre when a lot of other “SHOWBIZ NAMES” can’t … and even some of these names have had to CANCEL their performances due to the lack of bookings … and I feel really sad for them that they had to do this.

The last show we did before driving the motor home 9 HOURS to Batemans Bay was at Shepparton in Victoria where we had a sold out show. Shepparton has always been one of my favourite cities to perform for many years now and I remember like it was yesterday performing with Johnny O’Keefe at the GV CABERET ROOM which was the “IN PLACE” in Shepparton all those years ago.

From Batemans Bay we will travel for TWO DAYS back down into Victoria to ARARAT for a show at the ARARAT TOWN HALL and I am looking forward to that show…THEN, it is all the way up to COOLANGATTA/TWEED HEADS to one of my favourite entertainment rooms at TWIN TOWNS SERVICES CLUB on SATURDAY 1st July. This tour with all the driving in the motorhome was so EXHAUSTING.

It is such a relief that the COVID THING is somewhere in the past and our country is getting back to some kind of normality … however, yes it is still around … but touch wood, Christine and I still haven’t had it.

In my 80th year, I am seriously concerned for our country. Prices is the supermarkets are through the roof yet Woolworths, Coles and the others are making MULTI MILLIONS OF DOLLARE IN PROFITS … and don’t start me on the bloody BANKS, they are making BILLIONS … YES BILLIONS EVERY QUARTER … and our POWER BILLS … WELL … I believe our stupid politicians have a lot to answer for. TWENTY YEARS AGO our power prices were amongst the CHEAPEST IN THE WORLD … and NOW … amongst the MOST EXPENSIVE IN THE WORLD … yet we have everything here in our country to STILL have the CHEAPEST IN THE WORLD. STUPID POLITICIANS. And PLEASE don’t start me on the PRIME MINISTER ALBANESE’S “voice”. Yes … our Aboriginal folk should be recognised in the Constitution, BUT THE SO-CALLED “VOICE”??? GOODNESS GRACIOUS ME … MORE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO BE MISS-SPENT and not reaching the very folk who don’t have the quality of life they deserve. IT’S JUST NOT ON. HOW DEVICIVE IS ALL OF THIS … and I suppose some people may call me racist … yet, unlike MOST folk, I have been to some of the most remote outback towns RIGHT AROUND AUSTRALIA when I have been touring and I have spent time with many indigenous folk in their communities … and I experienced the results first hand the VIOLENCE, DRUNKEDNESS and DRUGS and people out of control and sadly, folk with VERY limited quality of life. And the crime rate in so many of these communities????  How sad is our country at this time? BUT THE DEVICIVE “VOICE” … NO … it will NOT FIX A THING … it will just make already some GREEDY people more wealthy and MORE GREEDY and the poor folk who need assistance … NEVER SEE THE BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO HELP THEM. Remember … “we are one” … and that’s the way it should be.

Yes … once again, it is my 80th year and I am so grateful for all the success in life in general and in show business that I have enjoyed so far … and how my life has panned out so far … and there are so many folk who have worked with me over all the years, the Musicians, my road Managers and roadies, my Managers and show bookers just to name a few.

My biggest regret is that my mum and dad couldn’t see me on stage at this time … with me STILL throwing my leg up on the piano.

Thanks to the folk who came to our show at Echuca recently where some wonderful folk who travelled to the show from Deniliquin headed up by Wilma Gorrie, who baked me the most UNBELIEVABLE BEAUTIFUL DECORATED 80th BIRTHDAY CAKE … and a lovely card signed by everyone. It was such a wonderful WONDERFUL surprise … and the cake was SO DELICIOUS [still a bit to be eaten]. Thank you so much Wilma. I will never forget your thoughts and generosity.

BOY OH BOY, we had a GREAT PRIVATE SHOW in Perth to celebrate Perth Businessman Ray Green’s 80th Birthday and it was a pleasure making new friends with Ray’s family … all of this wouldn’t have come about without my mate KEVIN BLOODY WILSON who recommended me for the show along with Becky Cole and Adam Harvey because Ray is a huge country music and rock and roll fan … so Becky and Adam covered the country side of things and I then jumped all the lovely white grand piano [which they ESPECIALLY hired for me] with my rock and roll songs … we all HAD A BALL.

I look forward to catching up with folk along the constant touring track with my own individual show , then with my mates in the “GOOD OLD DAYS OF ROCK AND ROLL” show which will be coming to a town and city near you over the coming years.

Take care folks and … “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME” … HAHAHhahahaahha

Your friend





Clint Eastwood perhaps the full package (Actor, Movie Producer, Movie Director, Musician)

Australia’s Cate Blanchett is all class…likewise, RUSSELL  CROWE


I enjoy current affairs/news based  programs




Talk-back radio stations

Community radio stations


Most talk back personalities …too many to choose from


Perhaps The GREATEST Aussie singer of ALL TIME – John Farnham

My dear friend … the late Johnny Cash

The “singers” singer … George Jones

Vince Gill

Ray Charles


My dear friend … the late Tammy Wynette

Celine Dion


My dear friend … and the greatest Showman/Entertainer of all time … the late LIBERACE

My great mate, friend and one time Manager … Australia’s King of Rock ‘n’ Roll (FOREVER) … the late Johnny O’Keefe.

John Farnham – just like Johnny O’Keefe, he simply OWNS every stage he performs on

Elvis Presley



Thai and chinese (almost anything asian)

A great baked leg of lamb with baked vegies

Pea and ham soup

Lamb shanks

A good steak


Chocolate thick shake (1 every 10 years now)

Galway Pipe port

Green ginger wine and brandy (Jade’s Elixer)


Green (of course)


Recording in my own studio


Computers and recording


I like all sports


Dawn Fraser

Betty Cuthbert

Aussie “Tour De France” superstar … Cadel Evans


Essendon BOMBERS


Brisbane BRONCOS


Splitting my pants on stage at Revesby Workers Club

Falling TWO STORIES off the Roof of my home at my farm (and BREAKING MY WRIST) trying to retrieve Twinkie (my Budgie)

Almost swallowing an EXTREMELY LARGE cockroach that crawled into my drink during a show at Lismore RSL Club … (IT’S IN THE BOOK)


Being “discovered” by Australia’s King of Rock ‘n’ Roll … the late Johnny O’Keefe

Being presented with my first GOLD and PLATINUM RECORD by MIKE WALSH

Being awarded the “ORDER OF AUSTRALIA MEDAL” (OAM)



Good Loyal friends


Travelling overseas

Every member of my Friendship Club


Graffiti … and the bloody imbeciles who do it

Lying, deceitful and “tricky” politicians.

People who don’t return phone calls


Drugs … anyone caught dealing … put them in JAIL … FOR LIFEdrugs are KILLING OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY

Violence in society


Car Hoons


To stay healthy

To keep entertaining as long as I can

To get to France for the “TOUR DE FRANCE” bike race .. to cheer on the Aussies

To up-date my autobiography (when I can get the time)

Jade Hurley OAM Is Indeed


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