Connect Hearing, Casio & Arborvitae



These days, EVERYWHERE we go, we seem to be BOMBARDED with HEARING CLINICS … however, you HAVE to be REALLY CAREFUL who you go to to have your hearing PROPERLY checked. TAKE IT FROM ME … NOT ALL Audioligists and HEARING CLINICS are the same.

For so many years, being a recording artist and having my own recording studio, I was having so many problems with my hearing. Nothing seemed to work after trying a few clinics. My hearing just wasn’t “RIGHT”.

Then, out of the blue, I was recommended to go to CONNECT HEARING at MOSMAN in Sydney. So out of desperation, I decided to bite the bullet and make an appointment.

Now, I must say … Mosman is a little out of the way for me to get to … BUT … after audiologist, Rossana, took me through every aspect of my hearing in her computer, much to my surprise, BINGO … I COULD HEAR CLEARLY for the first time IN YEARS.

She was EXTROARDINARILY THOROUGH…explaining everything to me in detail whilst performing the hearing tests and servicing my hearing aids.

After that appointment … and for the first time, I walked out of the Bridgepoint Shopping Centre where CONNECT HEARING is situated with a HUGE SMILE on my face. 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH ROSSANA and EMMA … I will see you in 6 to 12 months time at your brand new updated shop to check and service my hearing aids and hearing again.

Folks, here are the contact details for CONNECT HEARING at MOSMAN.

Shop 23A, Bridgepoint Shopping Centre
1-3 Brady Street
MosmanNSW 2088
Tel: (02) 9394 8440



I have had severe arthritis in my hands, fingers, thumbs and wrists for years … it was getting worse by the month … then a mate who also had bad arthritis suggested I try a product called ARBORVITAE.

I had never heard of it, then I heard Chris Smith talking about it on his radio program on 2GB in Sydney.

I tried it … and after only a couple of weeks, I couldn’t believe what happened … I WAS PAIN FREE for the FIRST TIME IN YEARS.

This AUSTRALIAN DEVELOPED PRODUCT has SAVED my ability to play the piano.

If it wasn’t for ARBORVITAE (PLUS IT’S MANY OTHER HEALTH BENEFITS), I simply wouldn’t be capable of playing the piano. IT IS THAT SIMPLE.

If you have an arthritis problem, please do yourself a favor and try this AMAZING AUSTRALIAN PRODUCT.

PLEASE click on the following link to see the many other health benefits.





On stage, I play the fabulous CASIO PRIVIA PIANO.
It is lightweight, cost effective … but most importantly, the build quality and sound is ABSOLUTELY fabulous.
CASIO Website: